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Is intelligent crowd management software worth the investment for visitor attractions?

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Intelligent crowd management software can be used for a whole host of things, one of which is allowing for theme parks and visitor attractions to reopen safely and seamlessly post COVID-19. But even after Coronavirus is behind us, and life feels like it has gone back to normal, why is this software so important? And is it really worth the investment for a visitor


Benefits of social distancing apps for visitor attractions

A successful visitor attraction survives on happy guests. If your visitors are unhappy, likelihood is that business will drop, and it’ll become increasingly difficult to correct the initial problems. Intelligent crowd management software may seem like a small addition to a visitor attraction when you take into consideration the fact that, on its own, it can’t make money. However, integrate the software throughout the attraction and the benefits will soon make themselves clear. These include, but are not limited to, improving wayfinding for guests using real time site information, boosting on-site spending via customized discounts and offers, making alterations based on customer feedback, and analysing visitor data to make better informed decisions. Taking COVID-19 into account, intelligent crowd management tools can also be combined with social distancing software to keep both visitors and staff safe by providing information to guests on which areas are less busy during the visit.

Intelligent crowd management software ROI

In the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown it would be easy to avoid additional spending and new initiatives. However, investing in intelligent crowd management software could be the driving force for future success. It can have an impact on so many different aspects of a visitor attraction that it is a small investment for a potentially game changing return.

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