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Xploring Sustainable Tourism with Andrea Nicholas, Green Tourism.

Andrea Nicholas is the CEO of Green Business UK Ltd and co-founded the Green Tourism Certification Programme. During the past 25 years, Andrea has assisted in developing green networks and certification programmes throughout the UK and in Europe, New Zealand, Sweden, Canada, and Africa.

The Green Tourism Programme started in 1997 and has expanded to cover all of the UK & Ireland with over 2500 members. The awards certification programme recognises the commitment of tourism businesses which are actively working to become more sustainable. In the past 2 years, Andrea has driven the development of a digital platform for sustainable management, GreenCheck, which is being used for Green Tourism and adapted for other industries such as the health and transport sectors.

We spoke with Andrea on the topic of sustainable tourism. She discussed the desire for authentic travel experiences, how social media contributes to overtourism and the impact of digital and tech on the industry.

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