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Behind Data Duopoly

About our CEO and founder, our mission, vision, values and goals, today's problems and Data Duopoly's solutions.

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Tanuvi Ethunandan is the multi-award-winning, founder and CEO here at Data Duopoly. She has a goal to empower the high street, towns, cities and places to thrive!   


With her expertise and background, after graduating in Economics from Cambridge University and having completed a Masters in Entrepreneurship, she is excited about the power of data to drive positive social change and passionate about driving technological and cultural growth.

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 To empower the high street, towns, cities and places to thrive!

We work with places to celebrate the uniqueness of a place. We drive experiential led exploration and don’t believe in pure discounting to drive footfall.​

We liberate the location data that currently sits with the tech giants, like Google and Apple, who create our smartphones, and share this data with the "change-makers" who design spaces (town planners, shopping centre landlords and the construction sector) to drive operational efficiencies and evidence-based investment. 

We are the 'Waze' for people in places with our mobile app API and predictive algorithm. We want our technology to power existing consumer facing applications to map and predict footfall worldwide. Ultimately, we connect people, spaces and places using data and AI.

The problem we are solving

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 Visitors find it hard to explore places and discover experiences relevant to them. 

We provide personalised suggestions of where to explore next based on live location data. 

 Businesses struggle to connect to their target customers and lose revenue as a result. 

We provide a platform for businesses to connect with visitors nearby. 

There is a lack of data to understand visitor movements in a place, leading to suboptimal strategies and investment decisions by councils, shopping centre landlords and the construction sector. 

We collect and analyse footfall data, giving this back to the place, helping achieve goals of smart cities and contribute to UN SDG 11. 

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