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Case Study - The Eden Project

With aver 1m visitors every year, the Eden Project is one of the largest attractions in the South West of England.

We have a trial scheduled with the Eden Project in July 2019 to pilot our MVP.

Originally, we conducted research to understand the issues faced by visitor attractions, using the Eden Project as a case study. As we delved deeper into understanding the visitor experience, we realised that queuing was a major source of visitor frustration, and the lack of data insights was a big issue for attractions.

Therefore we wanted to solve these two problems, in one product…meet Xplor-IT …Data Duopoly’s white label visitor attraction app that can be customised to each attraction.

The key to designing an engaging digital visitor experience to complement the physical, for the Eden Project, was to fully understand the needs and frustrations of visitors. From this, Data Duopoly designed unique illustrative maps, gamified trails and clever visitor tracking capabilities, with the ability for the Eden Project to send personalised offers to visitor clusters to improve visitor distribution on-site.

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