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Xploring Sustainable Tourism with Malcolm Bell, Visit Cornwall

We kick off our sustainable tourism series by interviewing Visit Cornwall's Chief Executive, Malcolm Bell. Malcolm directed the creation of the new private sector-led Visit Cornwall CIC and managed the transition from the public sector to an industry-led body in 2014, with the new organisation coming into existence in April 2015. Prior to the transition, Malcolm had been appointed Head of Tourism for Cornwall on the 1st January 2010. Previous appointments included CEO South West Tourism.

Cornwall welcomes around 5 million visitors each year. The COVID-19 pandemic heightened concern about the potential for over-tourism in the summer months, as increasing numbers of people took their holidays ‘at home’ in the UK rather than abroad. In August 2021 Cornwall saw an influx of 210,000 visitors, up from a usual peak of 180,000. In our interview, Malcolm discusses some of the solutions he believes could help make the county's tourism economy more sustainable including regulating holiday accommodation and building partnerships between tourism bodies, tourism businesses and local communities.

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