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Using apps to ensure everybody can have a great day out

Accessibility is something that is easy to forget about, if you’re able-bodied. However, for 22% of the UK population, accessibility is ever present - for example when shopping for food, travelling, going to the cinema, or visiting attractions. Making sure that your attraction is as accessible as possible for your guests is not only a good business move, but it’s also the right move. Here’s how our new Xplor-It app can help.

Getting around

With almost all visitor attractions having some sort of outdoor element, pathway width, incline and quality is a major factor for those who use wheelchairs, crutches, or walking aids. If you aren’t in a position to address this, letting your visitors know which paths may be harder to navigate is easy and helpful, and the next best thing. This will allow guests to feel more comfortable during their visit, so they can focus on why they chose to visit - to have fun! Using our app, guests can not only view a digital, branded map of the park, but also find out which pathways and trails are more easily accessible than others, and to what degree.


One element of theme parks that can be extremely difficult for disabled people to navigate

is the rides, attractions and activities themselves. While our app can’t quite help you make your rides more accessible, what it can do is make sure that everybody has access to amusement, and is able to get involved with some activities during their visit. With our XplorIt range, users can access interactive games, quizzes, competitions and digital treasure hunts while exploring the park. These activities are fully customisable depending on your park, location, layout and themes, with additional features subject to request. Gamification in theme parks can also aid in social distancing measures, by making sure that incentivising guests to stay safe during their visit doesn’t take away from the experience as a whole.

Planning ahead

When visiting an attraction, most people like to come with a plan of where they want to go, what they want to do, and where they want to eat, but this foresight doesn’t always stop being needed on arrival. If it’s a busy day some areas may have a wait time of several hours, and the restaurants and cafes may be overrun with visitors. For disabled people this leads to additional challenges, where sensory and mobility difficulties can be worsened by crowds and noise. Users of our Xplor-It app can view the park in real-time, and see for themselves which areas are busier than others using a unique traffic light coding system. The Data Duopoly Xplor-It range not only gives guests the opportunity to avoid those areas using live GPS locators, but also allows for park operators to provide incentives if visitors decide to visit these busy areas at less busy times, i.e. by proving a discount if they decide to have an earlier lunch to avoid the rush at midday. By empowering visitors to make the most of their trip on their terms, and in a way that makes their day less stressful, parks can quickly become a day out that everybody can enjoy, and want to visit again.

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