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Why social distancing apps are the future of Theme-Parks

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

As theme parks around the world begin to work out how they can reopen safely, without putting their guests or their staff at risk, there has never been a better time to invest in new technology. With COVID-19 forcing attractions to adapt, theme park social distancing apps are a vital tool in both welcoming back visitors and providing some comfort and pleasure to what has been a pretty dire 2020. Here are just a few reasons why.

Targeted upselling By utilising push notifications for personalised offers of live updates and upcoming events, targeted notifications can be used to not only increase concessionary spending on-site, but also to control the flow of visitors to different areas of the park. In the world of social distancing, being able to provide incentives for guests to visit quieter areas of an attraction could be crucial.

Data analysis Visitor data collected through the app can provide meaningful, in-depth information about which are the most popular areas of the park, how long guests stay in those areas for, and what the natural customer journey through the theme park is. This data can then be used to make adjustments to park operations, boosting visitor engagement and constantly improving the customer experience. Information about the most popular areas and times can also be used to inform on which parts may need additional hygiene attention and cleaning staff.

Tech savvy guests There has never been a better time to introduce your guests to new technologies. During lockdown we have all got used to Zoom calls and online ordering. Theme park visitors will be expecting technological solutions on reopening. Providing a social distancing app with many other features will show how much you value their support and their safety.

Increased visitor engagement By offering an app that users can access before, during and after their visit, theme parks can provide visitors with a more engaging experience overall. For example, not only can users plan their day beforehand, but on the day visitors can make adjustments as necessary based on which areas are busiest and whether there are any incentivised discounts available, once again improving the visitor experience.

By also allowing for users to notify parks if they begin to experience COVID-19 symptoms after their visit, social distancing apps can also be used to prompt feedback in a much simpler and more efficient way. If feedback is easy and quick to give, visitors will be much more willing to provide it.

Theme park social distancing app ROI A big barrier to theme parks and visitor attractions investing in social distancing apps is the perceived cost, and intangible returns. Our Xplor-It range varies in price to allow for all parks to get ahead of social distancing and COVID-19, with a focus on supporting the industry to reopen safely and seamlessly.

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