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Revolutionising the visitor experience in West Cornwall

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

A hand holds a mobile phone showing the XplorTINCOAST landing page. There's a sunny coastal view in the background.

Commissioned by the Tin Coast Partnership, Data Duopoly’s latest product XplorTINCOAST offers visitors to West Cornwall’s tin coast a more connected and engaging day out. Designed to encourage visitors to explore the area as a whole, as opposed to just visiting individual attractions, the app routes seven miles of coastal path to link three UNESCO World Heritage mining sites; Geevor Tin Mine along with National Trust sites Levant Mine and Beam Engine and Botallack Mine.

Don’t follow the crowd

XplorTINCOAST brings this wild stretch of coastline to life via its illustrated, interactive map. Visitors can choose which exhibit or area they wish to explore and the app will automatically determine the least busy route to take.

The technology uses the GPS functionality already embedded within mobile phones to offer the best route based on the number and location of other visitors on site. AI algorithms will also help predict potential congestion, re-routing visitors before it occurs.

Supporting local businesses

As well as reducing on-site congestion, XplorTINCOAST will also help the local area plan for more sustainable tourism in a way that supports the local economy. Nudge notifications triggered at certain times of the day, or when an area is reaching capacity, will encourage users to visit nearby shops, pubs and cafes that they might not have previously found. Visitors can also be incentivised to shop local via promotional offers, such as discount codes. This not only stimulates visitor flow away from busy areas but increases supplementary spending at local businesses.

“The XplorTINCOAST app is a great tool for encouraging visitors to leave their cars behind and explore on foot, to connect to the history of the area, and to support our local businesses.”

Beth Brown, the National Trust and Tin Coast Partnership Project Manager.

Positive impact

As an area of outstanding natural beauty we want to help keep the tin coast that way. Pop-up notifications can be used to advise users to be mindful of the local area and wildlife, such as keeping dogs on a lead, taking your litter with you etc. It can also notify visitors of any important health and safety notices or warnings.

Data driven decision

Tin coast attractions can have access to the XplorTINCOAST associated dashboard from which they can set capacity limits and notifications. The dashboard also reports crucial data obtained from the app such as real-time footfall, most popular routes taken, where the busiest areas on site are, dwell times and number of offers redeemed. These insights will assist with future planning and strengthen recovery for businesses in the tin coast area. There’s also an option to include user feedback to get visitor responses as they happen rather than waiting to receive a possible review a few weeks or months later.

All collected data is anonymised with no access to visitors' personal details making the app GDPR exempt.

Safe to visit

XplorTINCOAST enables users to view how busy exhibits and attractions are in real time. The app doesn’t tell people what to do, but instead provides all the information they need to make informed decisions about what they choose to visit and when. By managing visitor flow in a way that reduces congestion, and therefore uphold social distance, users can feel confident about returning to busy places during this post pandemic time.

As the UK begins to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and the long term impacts surface, tools and technology such as XplorTINCOAST can play a crucial role in area recovery.

How to use it

XplorTINCOAST is now available for download on the app stores for both iOS and Android.

To see it in action, open it when you’re next on site and are ready to explore more of Cornwall’s tin coast. Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving a review!

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