We operate a Software as a Service (SaaS) model and have three revenue streams.

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Our three year forecast revenue is £3.8m, and is predominantly based on an expected 112 visitor attraction sites signed up as clients by the end of YE 2022. This will be driven by our leverage of existing connections within the industry to attract new clients and roll out across various sites owned by existing clients.


We are uniquely working with the Eden Project as an Industry Partner, from which we were presented with a genuine problem in the industry. Further to our extensive research, we found that the issue of bottlenecks and under-utilised areas within attractions is widespread across the industry.

We have piloted our XplorEDEN MVP during July 2019, and have shown proof of concept. We are in early stage talks with other attractions, and plan to leverage the success of our pilot to secure future custom. 

We have recently been shortlisted for The Pitch 2019.

We are working closely with the UK Space Agency and are leveraging our connections with them, attending the UK Space Conference being held in Newport, Wales in November 2019.

The Ask

We are seeking a £250k pre-seed investment, in return for 20% of the company to be delivered in a staged process over a period of 9 months. We require an initial investment of £100k to enable us to fully launch our XplorIT product range, and deliver to our first customers.

We will invest in:

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A short video showcasing our journey so far, current business model, and an overview of our future plans.